Wednesday, November 08, 2006



Georgia Peach

You rarely see peaches in Georgia.

I thought when I moved here, my back yard would be riddled with abundant peach trees that would produce juicy fruit year round.

Not so. In fact, I am beginning to learn that Georgia is known for its peanuts. Boiled, blanched, salted, dry want to get nutty, no problem.

I guess moving is full of all kinds of misconceptions. Like I would be terribly homesick-I'm not. Like I would actually miss the snow-I don't. Like it would be very difficult moving in with someone (especially when you haven't lived in the same state as that someone for 2 years)-It's not.

Don't get me wrong, everything isn't peachy keen.

I haven't sold my condo in Michigan yet. Although I have an offer, the purchaser is having some financial problems. If the deal falls through, I am going to rent it out. In addition, it seems as though our apartment has a slight infestation problem. The Southerners like to call them Palmetto bugs (said with a lovely twang). Us Northerners call them goddamn roaches. I have only seen a couple in the kitchen, however, I know where there is one..there is one thousand. We aren't the only ones being visited within the complex either--my neighbor next door woke up to one under the covers. Grande Club Apartments, my ass. More like Roach Club.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hey Hey Hello!

Hello has been way too long and it is going to be a tad longer. I am moving this Atlanta to be with my GA boy! Once I get settled, I think I may be ready to make a come back. A blogger friend emailed me today and said she missed me. It took me back to the good ole' days of blogging daily :) Thank you Guiness. See you soon.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


For all of you wonderers and worriers, I am alive and well...and disappointed in myself for not posting in forever. Yes, forever.

Things have been hectic between both jobs, and posting almost turned into another job. I wasn't having fun writing like I did when I first started.

So, I am sorry. Very very sorry for leaving you all hanging. And I think I am ready to come back.

It seems it would be nearly impossible to catch you all up on what's been going on the past month. I'll try.

1.) First off, GA boy just arrived yesterday for the summer. He and Walker (his puppy dog) are staying with me until the end of July. Sarah + Oscar + GA boy + Walker = a scrunched family. That's right, we will manage to fit into my 645 square foot condo. At least I have the deck. Do you think it would wrong to make GA boy sleep out there? If my last night's slumber is any indicator of what lies ahead, I am scared. Mr. man snores. And I hear it through my earplugs.

2.) I just concluded a HUGE fundraising event at my work, which was EXTREMELY successful. For the past two months I have been focused on nothing but that here at the Red Cross, and it paid off :) Our goal was to raise $80,000 during an hour breakfast event--and was raised $310,000. Woo-hoo.

3.) Neighbor Hannibal has been missing in action the past couple of weeks. VERY strange. It started off with him leaving his hallway and spare bedroom light on all night, to him not even staying there. My best guess: he moved back home with his parents or something. Maybe he has a new girlfriend (not).

4.) I am going to NYC over Memorial Weekend...for 5 days! Should be fun. I am going to try to visit
swandad and his bar while out there. That is, if he's there and doesn't hate me for not posting.

5.) I am going to see the Da Vinci Code tonight. Anyone seen it yet?

So, off the top of my head, that's how things are. I know there's more and when I think of it, I'll let you know.
Again, I am so sorry for being MIA for the past month. Love you.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Dr. Bach and His Miracle Essences

I was professing my frustration with my Monday blahs to a friend and coworker the other day. She's a reflexologist (on the side) and recently was introduced to some homeopathic remedies for personality disorders.

"Have you ever considered
Bach Flower Essences for your sad Monday feeling?" she asked.

"Nope. Can't say I have ever heard of Bach Flower Essences, let alone tried them," I said, giggling under my breath. New agey horse poop I thought to myself. "What do they do?"

"Well, there's this doctor who...."

She went on to tell me the story of
Dr. Bach, and his miracle essences that provide healing directed at the personality, mood and emotional well being on an individual. Bach Flower Essences are indicated for the person according to his/her particular temperament, state of mind and natural character. Dr. Bach, who discovered the essences back in the 1934, believed consideration of a person's nature to be of utmost importance because he found that disharmony within oneself was the root cause of disease.

Despite the success of his work with orthodox medicine he felt dissatisfied with the way doctors were expected to concentrate on diseases and ignore the people who were suffering them. He was inspired by his work with homoeopathy but wanted to find remedies that would be purer and less reliant on the products of disease. He chose to rely on his natural gifts as a healer, and use his intuition to guide him. One by one he found the remedies he wanted, each aimed at a particular mental state or emotion. He created 38 essences in all.

"I'll send you the questionnaire," she said. "Your answers will reveal the most appropriate essence for your personal formula".

Days later I received an email from my friend with the promised questionnaire attached. She also gave directions to the nearest health food store that carries the essences, if I chose to purchase the one that was supossed to cure my Monday moodiness.

There were three questions per essence (category) that ranged from "Do you often feel spaced out and out of touch with the real world?" to "Do you fail to learn from your experiences?" to "Do you prefer to work or be alone because the seeming foolishness of others irritates you?". Then, according to the questionnaire, your personal essence would be revealed based on the number of questions you answered yes to in a given category.

I answered yes to many of the questions, but one essence in particular, got a three yes count...MUSTARD.
According to the Bach, "Mustard is the remedy for deep gloom and depression that descends for no apparent reason out of a clear blue sky. People in this state often list all the reasons they have to feel happy and contented, but still everything looks black and hopeless to them."

Now one wouldn't think my Monday blahs would translate into deep gloom and depression. However, I figured it couldn't hurt to at least try out the essence, to see if my mood improved in the slightest (at least for the sake of my coworkers). Days later I went to the said health food store and purchased the Mustard essence. I was surprise to find that the healing potion came in a glass bottle with a little rubber dropper. And the essences are preserved in 27 % alcohol---Mr. Bach chose brandy (bless him). I began taking it four times a day, and have been for the last week, by dropping a dab on my tongue.

And the verdict isn't in quite yet, but I will report that I feel pretty happy. Now the real test will be next Monday, but so far...the Mustard seems to be doing what Dr. Bach promised.


I'm back from my Georgia getaway, sunkissed and about three pounds heavier.

I guess you take the good with the bad while on vacation. When the hot sun beats down on my pale virgin skin, the only thing that cools is a golden margarita with a salt rim . Or two, or ten. Margaritas are best paired with endless plastic red baskets of hot tortilla chips and a tub of homemade spicy salsa. And that's all before noon.

Dinner begins with a few glasses of merlot and ends when the server asks if the table is interested in dessert. I respond for everyone "Yes please, we're on vacation". However, I am the only one out out of the party of four who doesn't live five miles from the restaurant.

And a Southern sunny vacation isn't a vacation without a midday barbecue. Out comes the lawn chairs, bikinis (I insisted), frisbees, cornbread and icy cold beer from a cooler that's strategically placed in the center of all the fun. Or is the stocked full cooler the center of the fun ? It's like the chicken or the egg debate.

The biggest dispute of the all is whether or not my "vacation" excuse for eating and drinking in mass quantities is an acceptable one. I mean, how many times can someone visit the same place and still consider it a vacation? I have visited Georgia more than 10 times within the last two decide.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Hello? You Still There?

Hi. How've ya been? Things are good here. Just supremely busy, as I stated the other day. I got a second job at a clothing store. Partly for the discount (50%), partly for the extra cash. It's been really playing dress up with other people's money. But it has taken a toll on my feet.


What else...hmm...well, I am headed to Atlanta to see GA boy today. The weather is supposed to be HOT, which totally makes me happy. I even packed my bathing suit, although there is no pool nearby. Why, you ask? It's a GA tradition for me to wear my bathing suit in the morning, while eating my cereal on the front lawn. That way I catch a couple of early morning rays and I get a rise out of the neighbors. Gotta leave my mark somehow.


In other news, I bought a new pair of roller blades. I am sick of my sore knees, due to running. However, as the warm weather approaches I want to get outside and get active. Hence, the blades. It's been really fun to cruise around my neighborhood. My tush looks good too. From what I have been told, I need knee pads and wrist protectors, before I start to skate hard core. I feel like Roller Derby Barbie.


And a post wouldn't be complete without a Hannibal update. Mr. serial killer caught me again as I was just headed out to run.

"Can I run with you," asked Hannibal. "I bought some shoes."

"Um, sure," I said. "I am running a five-miler again though."

"That's okay," he said. "I'll just run one and then turn around."

"Alright then, let's go," I said.

"I need to eat some dinner first," he said.

"Dinner?" "That might not be a good idea to eat right before running. You'll get cramps and discomfort."

"Oh really?" "I guess I'll just go get ready to run and eat after."

He went inside and I waited outside. And I waited. And I waited some more. Finally Hannibal stepped out of his front door. He had a sweat band on his forehead and high top, black, non-running shoes.

"Looks like you are well prepared to run," I snickered, as I started off down the road.

Hannibal followed behind and caught up as we neared a bend int her road. After a quarter of a mile, he was panting.

"It's been about a mile, right?" he asked.

"Not quite buddy." "Keep on going."

Hannibal didn't answer until we ran another fifty feet.

"It's been a mile now, huh?" he asked.

"Not really, but head back if you want to," I said, crossing my toes in my running shoes.

He then stopped dead in his tracks, turned around a started to walk back home.

"See you, nice running with you," I yelled, over my shoulder as I continued on with my run.

Monday, April 17, 2006

No Time!

Ahh, the days of convertible riding.

I wish I had more time to enjoy the open air. And more time, furthermore to write a decent post. I promise, when things get less hectic, I'll be back on full force. Until then, this goofy picture of me will have to do.


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Top Down

Today is a bright and sunny day. I ate an apple outside on my lunch hour, barefoot, toes squishing into the green grass. In the flower bed outside my office window are some small crocus plants pushing their way up through the thawing dirt. Those little green buds are usually the first flowers that show their fresh faces to signify a change of season into Spring.

Human behavior also transforms. With windows down, people sing out loud to their favorite tunes without any reservation. Couples form and fall in love. The cobwebs are dusted off of porch swings and babies sleep better than ever as they are swung off to sleep as the sun sets. With barbecues smoking, frisbees and salads get tossed over red picnic tables. The tops come down on cars and woman actually enjoy getting their hair messed up and tangled in the blowing wind.

In fact, I am one of those women. Because today, a friend is picking me up in his new convertible after work to tool around town. We'll probably end up on a deck somewhere, just in time for happy hour.

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